Isfahan Carpet- Tribal Rug

Creation Date:
40 to 50 years ago
Signiture Position:
bottom center: Bottom Center
Width: 148cm × Length: 239cm
800 Milion IRR
About Creator:

Karim Sirfian

Born in 1349 in Isfahan, the son of the great master of carpets 1383 - 1301, And is the grandson of Haj Agha Reza Sirafian. His grandfather Haj Agha Reza, nearly ninety years ago In Isfahan, an exquisite line of original Iranian carpets Founded to this day after several generations Always a symbol of the contemporary carpet weaving art of this land have been. The cornerstone he laid on the deep roots of civilization Ancient Iran was founded and for this reason Quickly a special place for enthusiasts of this art Found. Originality in design and color, above quality Fantastic raw materials, utilizing fibers and dyes Natural taste, elegance and precision in execution and guarantee Quality with the texture of the name and logo of Sirafian, is a feature It is the main one. Haj Agha Reza's children are all interested in the profession They became artistic fathers and worked in this direction with love. The collection of efforts of this family was so fruitful Many world art collections, museums, Major palaces and organizations today to have works They are proud of them. Karim Sirafian's father, Mohammad Sadegh Sirafian, third son Haj Agha Reza is in turn this He culminated in national and family art and was so fascinated It became the art that life is full of goodness and blessings He spent his time in the service of this national heritage and works He created a lot that shines like jewels The darkness of the land of Iran shines and mentions them It does not fit in this brief. Karim Sirafian by completing his education course In high school in mathematics and physics with the title Entered the first student with an excellent grade in the entrance exam.