Miniature – Leather

Creation Date:
Pahlavi Dynasty
Signiture Position:
bottom left
8'000 Milion IRR
About Creator:

Hossein Khataei

Hossein Khataei was the son of Heidar Ali. He was one of the important contemporary painters born in 1907 to a religious family in Isfahan. From the age of 15, he became a student to the well-known artist “Mirza Agha Emami” for 40 years. In Mirza Agha’s workshop he learnt the arts of Painting, Tazhib and Pyrography. After his master’s death, he set up his own workshop in his own house and managed to contribute greatly to the arts of Pyrography, Miniature, Relieve and Inlaying. He died in 2016 and is now buried in “Tekiye Fazele Sarab”.