Creation Date:
Pahlavi Dynasty
Width: 30 cm × Height: 23 cm × Length: 40 cm
3'000 Milion IRR
Lot Gallery:
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About Creator:

Mirza Agha Emami

Mirza Agha Emami was born in 1881 in Isfahan to a well-known family of experts in the field of bird and flower painting. From his teenage years he started to get familiar with the art of bird and flower painting due to his father "Agha Seyyed Mohammad Hossein" being an expert in this field. After that, with the support and encouragement of his father in order to gain experience and familiarity with the complex mysteries of Tazhib and the acquisition of pictorial techniques, he went to learn from "Mirza Razi Sani Homayun" who played a major role in the establishment of the "State Industrial Complex". According to Mirza Agha Emami himself, the years of residence in Tehran and studying at the State Industrial Complex played a major role for him to deeply understand the basic principles of painting. After his return to his hometown, Isfahan, he established a workshop in "Sangtrashan" neighborhood, not so long after, his work gathered the attention of art lovers especially those who were collectors of pure works of art. One of his important contributions was reviving the noble art of pyrography which was somewhat forgotten after the Safavid dynasty. Mirza Agha Emami died in Isfahan in 1955 at the age of 74 after a life time of dedication and contribution to the noble Iranian art.