About Us

Melli Auction House, founded in Tehran in 2011, is a private and integrative institute which is launched with the aim of developing an appropriate and reliable platform for buying and selling unique artworks. MAH has been a pioneer in luxurious artworks commerce from its foundation. It has held a lot of specific auctions based on the calendar already set. A wide variety of ornamental artworks, jewelry, watches, carpets, and antiques we exhibited and sold in these auctions. Having a team of certified experts and specialists, MAH evaluates the valuable artworks of the clients in a short period of time and introduces them to relevant customers eager to buy.
MAH provides the following services too:
• Holing online auctions
• Accepting crypto currencies as a means of payment
• Developing NFT for digital artworks
• Holding in-person and online single piece auctions
• Supporting emerging artists
• Holding specific and relevant training programs
• Artworks restoration and maintenance
• Artworks shipping insurance
• Appraisal and issuing certificates for the artworks

Having a valuable collection of unique artworks, MAH has already developed a bright future for international cooperation in the area of arts. We would like to invite you to our galleries and future auctions, and we would be more than happy to receive your suggestions and support for the arts.