Fardin Valizadeh

Fardin Valizadeh is a contemporary artist and calligrapher born in 1976. He holds a professorship degree from the Iranian calligraphers’ association and the 1st degree artistic award from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Education. He has a number of achievements during his contribution to the art of calligraphy namely, the first winner of Mashhad international verse festival 2017, first place in the country’s calligraphy biennial 2017, first place in Sanandaj calligraphy biennial 2016 and third place in the Turkey Haliya competition. His calligraphies of Khayyam’s Rubaiyat and Divan-e-Hafez are also worth mentioning.

Creation Date:
Contemporary 2020
Signiture Position:
lower left
Width: 100cm × Length: 136cm
600 Milion IRR