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A tribute act in honour of Dr. Hadi Seif was held on Tuesday July 26,2022 at Melli Auction House.
Dr. Hadi Saif, is one of the most well-known research figures of Iranian folk arts with more than 50 years of research experience in the field of traditional Iranian arts. He has had a significant role in introducing Ghahvekhaneh painting, Underglass painting, etc. to the world. His main goal is to introduce people to the forgotten arts of Iranians and unknown artists. He has spoken to many pioneer Iranian artists, including Ali Akbar Sanati, Abolhasan Sediqi, Jamshid Amini, Hassan Hekmatnejad, etc. which contributed greatly to his research on traditional Iranian arts. He is the author of more than fifty books, the most important of which are “Ghahvekhaneh Painting”, “Painting on Stone”, “Underglass Painting”, “Sute Delan Naqash”, “From Ghahvekhaneh to Farhangsarai Niavaran”, “Majinuniha” and “a doorway to heaven”.